About company

Cars2Click is a car trading company started by an experienced team of car people with good contacts around Europe. 

We are represented in 13 countries.

On a daily basis we buy and sell cars, but we work a little different from auction companies. We work as partners with our customers and our focus is to help car dealers to improve their stock turn and profitability. 

Used car inventory management: 

We achieve this by working closely with our dealer partners and on a regular basis analyze their used car inventory, benchmark with the market trends. The market data can help us identify slow-moving cars, and together decide which cars are to be sold through the dealerships to end customers and which cars are better off selling to other dealers with a demand for these cars. 


We use market data to identify fast moving cars which we help our partner buy so they always have a fast-moving used car inventory.


We are specialists in used car LEADTIME management and can help dealers and OEMs describe and set up the perfect solutions for the best possible used car operation. See a short introduction to our solutions here below and contact us for a meeting so we can explain more.

Let’s make some good business together!