Ex-Rental Cars

These cars are rental or leasing cars which are not refurbished and you will need to get them ready to sell.

The condition is good and we do NOT offer damaged cars. All cars have a test inspection report and you will need to check the test inspection report to estimate the cost for refurbishment before you make and offer and buy the cars.

Pre-sales: We offer cars which before they are returned and inspected and this offer you a great opportunity (only through Cars2click) to buy cars early and to get access to many cars which are not on the market.

In these cases we will not be able to present a test inspection report when you buy but we will have an estimated cost of refurbishment.

When the car is returned we will get a test inspection report and if the cost of refurbishment is more than what we estimated you can 1) get a discount for the additional amount or 2) cancel the deal.

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