AI Maria is a finalist in Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award

Maria, our new Artifficial Intelligence digital assistant, is changing the world helping car sellers and car buyers. And now, Maria's project is a finalist in Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award.

This Cars2click Artificial Intelligence solution uses data from scanning robots monitoring of all cars for sale and sold in 11 countries (GEOpricing) to find the best country to sell a specific car and to identify the most likely buyers of the car (GEOmatch). This is a game changer and speed up the process of selling cars B2B.

The Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award is given to an actor in the automotive remarketing sector that has developed an innovative project, product or service standing out in the field of international automotive remarketing operations. Posted on Fleet Europe's website, alongside with Maria there are other two projects, "Indicata Market Watch" and "Moveecar". You can check the finalists details here:

  • Cars2click with AI Maria: an AI solution including GEOpricing (to identify price, demand and volume) and GEOmatch (for buyer profiling).
  • Indicata with Indicata Market Watch: regular market overviews for all on the Indicata country websites, available in PDF or as web-based reporting for senior management in the industry.
  • Gefco with Moveecar: a “phygital” service based on a digital platform to provide transportation, storage, refurbishment, inspection, car caring and administrative services.

The winner will be announced in the 2020 Fleet Europe Summit