Cars2click changing old patterns

Cars2Click is growing faster than anyone expected. After one year, present in eight countries and selling thousands of cars. How come a new car trading company grows so fast in a marketplace with so many existing actors?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Fredrik Glenning, CEO of Cars2click, has been working with car sales and car auctions for the last 30 years, discovered that auctions are not the most efficient way of selling cars B2B. He decided to start a company offering an alternative way for cross border car sales.

In the modern days marketplace, time is an issue for everybody. Monitoring auctions and keeping track over auction deadlines, trying to buy cars is very inefficient for car dealers. Cars2click offers European car dealers a faster alternative to online auctions. As a car buyer you need a reliable and trustable source and Cars2click traders provides just that. Therefore, car trading is by many car dealers already accepted as the best way to source the right cars. 

Brian Madsen, International Director for Cars2click says: “As a car dealer, the most important thing is to have fast-selling cars and replace sold cars with more fast-selling cars as soon as possible. But how can they know what is fast-moving and slow-moving? Without data this is close to impossible and that is why Cars2click has developed Cars2view.”

Cars2view is a digital solution using A.I and data to analyze market prices and show if a car is fast or slow moving. This solution is the game-changer for the automotive industry and allows traders and car dealers to find and buy the right cars for their market and this is one of the main factors for Cars2click’s success.

Cars2click CEO, Fredrik Glenning

Fredrik Glenning, “I’ve been working with car auctions and used car trading for years, but I never worked this smart and efficient. When Brian joined the company and we started to work with market data, costumer profiling and matching demand with supply, it became easier and faster for us to work more productive and selling more cars, faster.”

With the overwhelming velocity that automotive business is growing, it is extremely important to reduce time for both seller and buyer. 

When a seller wants to sell cars through Cars2click, a structured process begins: Analyzing the car prices and sales factor per country and identifying which countries offer the best-selling prices. After that, Cars2click will use the costumer’s profile system to identify the most likely buyers per country. Finally, promotion and sales activities are activated and sales are arranged in the coming hours. Digital matching of supply and demand is a game-changer and together with trading neither buyer nor seller needs to wait days like with auctions.

Overall, 2019 was Cars2click moment of impact. During 2020, new offices will open in more countries and new digital solutions will be developed for leasing and rental companies.

Digital car trading is the new normal!

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