Sell cars via Cars2click

Why, what and how to sell cars via Cars2click.


Cars2click is a digital car trader. Digital in the way that we are using AI/DATA to power our business.
Our digital robots are scanning the car market every day and providing us with market data so we can identify the best market to sell any car. 

GEOpricing is the solution which identify the B2B price per country. This is done with AI and sophisticated algorithms starting with the retail price, deducting the VAT and TAX to give us the real B2B price.

GEOsales is showing us in which countries the cars are fast selling and the demand is high.

GEOmatch is mapping of all car dealers in Europe and by creating and updating the profile of each dealer we can see who is the most likely buyer of the cars we have for sale.

Promotion is done with our Artificial intelligence robot Maria. AI Maria will send email to the buyers presenting the cars which are fast selling in their country. 

See here a video about AI Maria


We sell new and used cars – we sell cars which are returned and cars which are on the way to be returned, many of our buyers are willing to buy now and wait for the right cars and this offers you as seller a great opportunity to plan your sales.

*       Showroom ready cars are cars which are in a showroom and refurbished ready to sell.
**     Ex. Rental/leasing are cars which have damages.
***   Cars for PREsales are cars which are not returned yet and we sell these cars with estimated damages.


All we need from you is the car details and Cars2click will manage the sales, transportation and documentation for you. 

This is our way of making technology work for us and if you are interested in working with us then please start by filling in you contact information using the link here and you will be contacted by one of our purchase managers to go through the process and get to know more about your company.

We look forward to start working together.

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